Tater is a 7 yr old half Arab-half QH. He has a month of professional training with Randall Scheck and additional training with Hilda Keller. He is very talented. He could make it as a roping horse or other performance event. 


Tater likes attention and will follow anyone around. He is a busy minded horse that needs something to do.  He will open gates, untie knots, dismantle equipment and climb into  the water trough. If the electric fence is not working, he will be out and tear up everything in the barn before strolling to the house to let me know the fence is not working.


He would probably learn tricks easily although he is not quite as busy as when he was younger. Really good looking horse, about 14.3hh, easy keeper and will make a great horse with an experienced person who enjoys his personality. 

Tater is currently receiving more training with Brandon at Hope and Joy Farm.

September 25, 2016 - Update

Brandon adopted Carlos and is now training and doing a great job with other horses. Tater has done great in training with Brandon!

We hope he gets a home soon as he has really done well for Brandon.

UPDATE - November 2017: Tater is on vacation due to a shoulder injury. He was kicked by another horse and on pasture rest for healing until approximately July 2018. He doing great, but we want to make sure he is sound. 

UPDATE - August 2018: Tater is going to trainer for evaluation of his soundness and attitude once there is an opening. Stay tuned!

UPDATE -  December 2018: Tater is being offered as a "companion only" adoption because he is too bossy. Contact us with any questions.