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It is a rewarding experience to sponsor a horse in need. River Edge Farm Horse Rescue operates solely from donations and the good will of others. If you can help us help a horse of your choice or any of our horses in need, please consider sponsoring that horse with a monthly donation for any period over two months.


Two months is the least amount of time any horse will need in rehabilitation, many take longer. If you are interested in providing a sponsorship to River Edge Farm Horse Rescue, please download the form below or contact us with any questions you may have.


Sponsorships may be paid as a "Recurring (Monthly)" through PayPal by clicking the Donate button below, or your monthly pledge can be mailed by check to our USPS address below.


We can never thank our Sponsors enough for the security they provide to each horse helped.

River Edge Farm Horse Rescue, Inc.

P O Box 692

Lyles, Tennessee  37098

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New arrivals will be evaluated and entered into rehabilitation programs for their specific needs before being placed for adoption. Please consider sponsoring one of these or any horse prior to them finding their new home. Contact us about new arrivals.

Sponsor any horse by clicking on the PayPal button here and be sure to write in the name of the horse's name you wish to sponsor. We appreciate every bit of help to rehabilitate these horses and find them loving homes. Thank you!

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River Edge Farm Horse Rescue
A 501c(3) Non-profit Organization
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