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Saving Sophie

Sophie needs your help! She is feisty and full of life, but is under the care of our Veterinarian for what appears to be squamous cell cancer in her right eye. If the cancer is not removed, it will  spread into her brain. 

Costs for her first visit with the Veterinarian was almost $500, not including costs for the biopsy. We are currently applying medications to the eye twice daily and doing all we can to make her comfortable in her new setting until surgery is scheduled. If we go through with the surgery, it will be very costly.

We hope you will consider a donation of any size to help Sophie in her recovery process.

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We would appreciate any and all donations. By using the Donate button above, 100% of your donations will go toward Sophie's medical expenses and are tax deductible.

Sophie is a 5-6 year old pony mare about the size of a Shetland. She is very cute and could make a great driving pony with training after she recovers from her condition. She comes to us from a cattle farm where she felt they needed herding on a regular basis, an activity not well suited for the cattle. 

Update - October 14, 2017

Sophie is home, spent two nights in the hospital. The squamous cell was quite invasive and they removed the eye. She is fiesty and doing well. 

The Vet bill including biopsy, debulking, meds, and surgery come to $1000. It is difficult for rescues to feed and train so many without your help. 

Donate today to help Sophie

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Sophie has moved to Eastern TN Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue. Please contact them directly for additional information. 

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