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Shine - now known as Prim

Shine is doing great in her new home. Her owner is a talented photographer and they will be at the Southern Horse Expo.


Shine is a large Warmblood mare approximately 9 years old. She arrived with Shimmer in January. She had not been handled in over 2 years.


Shine is a great mover with a lot of style, approximately 16'1hh - 16'3hh. She has been updated by our Veterinarian. We also enlisted her in training. 


Has been on trails and camping. Lots of training but needs experienced rider.

See DNA test results and updates below.

February 11, 2017 - Shine with Amanda

April 8, 2017 - Shine showing off her trot

May 2017 - Shimmer and Shine

Shine has been adopted and doing very well in his new home. His owner is a talented photographer and they will be at the Southern Horse Expo Feb 22, 2019.

DNA Test Results

The DNA results are back on Shine. According to the report he is Trakaner, Holsteiner and TB. Those are the top three and they do not give percentages, but it sure is a good pedigree.

Click here to see video of Shine

Update highlights

Living proof that a rescue horse can be a very reliable partner! Prim (previously Shine) came into the rescue unhandled and feral.


Stacy Bowman put a nice start on this mare and got her adopted. Her new owners' hard work, dedications and training abilities have truly brought out Prim’s natural talents!

We hope this story may encourage others to consider a rescue horse.

" ... here is an example of what these horses can do when they get great homes. Shine (Primm) was basically an untouched 8 year old when she came into the rescue. It was tough convincing Shine that people could be a good thing in her life. Thankfully, a wonderful family saw her potential and spent the time and effort that she needed. Now, she is living the dream!" ~ Stacy Bowman

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