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Elsa - Adopted

Previously known as "Shauna", Elsa is a 2 yr old SSH mare that had been running wild for several months. Getting her was quite a challenge. She had a large wound on her hind foot that required some surgery once we had her catching, leading and loading.


Elsa was never lame, no tendons were cut. She does have a scar on the foot, but it has never bothered her. She is gaited and about 14.2h.


Elsa should grow and fill out more as she had a rough start in life. She is easily picked on by the other horses so has been kept in her own lot or with just one other horse. She will be submitted for the training challenge next spring if not adopted. Rider must be experienced as she is insecure and reacts quickly when scared.


She would be great with daily petting and ground work.   

Update - October 10, 2016

Elsa has turned into a terrific trail horse and is going great. 

"She's not just a trail horse. She can do obstacles and she's learning to flex vertically and horizontally, she can track a steel "calf" behind a tractor and make a bad day better! Thank you, Jane, for saving this magnificent creature."

~ Jennifer A. 

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